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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Get protected against unforeseen disasters with our reliable back up and disaster recovery plan

Can your business survive a disaster?

Is ALL your data safe? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Has it been rigorously tested?

If you can’t confidently answer these questions, you’ve got a problem.

Can your business survive a theft, hack virus, natural disaster?

You probably have taken some precautions to routinely – possibly daily – back up your business data. And expect to restore your network in the event of a disaster.

But having a backup of just the data might not be enough to recover your business from disaster!

More often than not, there’s some critical component – a configuration file – that won’t be available and resulting in nothing working! You need a more complete and detailed plan to make sure everything is accounted for and your business won’t be crippled when catastrophe strikes.

“Having an experienced and professional IT team with a fail-safe disaster action plan can be the difference between a ruined business and one that continues to grow.”

Be Forewarned: Data backup and disaster recovery are NOT the same thing:

Software backing up data can fail. The person backing it up can fail. You really have to back up with recovery in mind. And data backup is just the beginning!

Don’t risk being vulnerable to unforeseen disasters that can strike at any time. The Zog Backup and Disaster Recovery Action Plan will empower you to be ready for anything unpredictable. Zog’s reliable data and hard drive backups and complete hardware and system recovery plan free you from unexpected risks and keeps your business running.

Don’t become a statistic. See the difference in Zog’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan:

Don’t let an accident derail your business plans.
Get a business continuity and disaster recovery solution for the life of your business!

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Zog is proud to partner with Beachhead Solutions

Beachhead Solutions' SimplySecure platform is part of our overall security offering. Watch this video to learn how SimplySecure can help your business. To get started give us a call at (215) 716-7171.