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Friendly Local IT Support

Tired of mediocre IT support? Having trouble managing your tech people? Frustrated that you can’t predict your computer spending?

An outsourced IT solution saves you headaches, time and money!

Hiring dedicated on-site IT support personnel is costly—salary, benefits, vacation, sick time, for starters. Not only do you foot the bill for their overhead costs, you are the one left keeping them on track. Many companies with internal IT staff need to hire additional IT managers just to make sure work gets done. But who’s going to manage your manager? Especially when problems arise? How do you even evaluate their performance? And worse yet, if something hits the fan, do you have faith that your IT staff can keep your business running? Why roll the dice?

If you’re in this boat or are considering IT support options, what you really need is an outsourced IT support solution. Outsourced IT means IT computer support and managed services with no computer headaches. Less expensive than one internal IT guy.

The difference between Zog’s IT solution and the rest is simple. Zog is Dedicated Local IT computer support – a trusted partner to many businesses in the Philadelphia metro.

No surprises. No hidden costs. Just IT experts that care. We are here so you can stop worrying about your computer problems. Your computers and communication systems should “just work”.

With ZogWatch IT Service, you get just this:

Can IT Support get any simpler?

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