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Why Cybersecurity Cannot Be Solved By Technology Alone

Think your cybersecurity can be solved by technology alone? Think again!

Buying shiny new security technology can certainly help your business or organization ensure proper cybersecurity. BUT, relying solely on technology to keep your business safe has for too long been a misconception that many businesses—especially in healthcare—fall victim to.

A quick analogy why your investment in hi-tech security is NOT helping much

Let me use teeth brushing as a simple example. Let’s say after consulting with your dentist, you decide to fight off plaque and gum disease by buying and using the best electronic toothbrush on the market. The box’s marketing reassures that this one brush will eliminate everything your dentist has been gently complaining you address with your oral hygiene.

You open the box and start using the new brush. You brush once a day before bed and brush the fronts of your teeth as you always have—for about 45 seconds (your usual routine).

Even though you’ve switched to a “better” hi-tech toothbrush, you’ve stuck to your same brushing routine that has led you to a mouth full of problems. You miss critical areas on your teeth, failing to adequately cleaning the back sides and gum line.

When you return for your 6 month dentist visit, how likely is the dentist to continue to scold your hygiene? Probably very high!

The problem isn’t that technology couldn’t improve your oral health, but that technology needs implementation, strategy and follow through to be effective.

If you had used the toothbrush’s 2 minute timer, brushed every surface of your teeth and gums in that 2 minute period, you’d likely improved your overall oral health. But simply replacing technology for newer shiny brush without effectively implementing ways in which you address how to improve the dentist’s concerns, you’re not going to see big returns on investment.

The same goes for cybersecurity technology (but this time instead of a cavity, you’re risking your business).

Now don’t get me wrong—technology can go a long way in ensuring that your network is secure and that you will not fall victim to the next cyberattack. But technology can only go so far in keeping your office safe from attacks.

If your IT Support team fail to effectively implement defense technologies and use the right technologies that fit your cybersecurity risks and overall organizational goals, they aren’t really helping you at all.

Some call the current mismatch of technology and cybersecurity needs across businesses large and small a national security crisis. Instead of directly confronting problems, many in the IT field are simply relying on automation to protect your network (and crossing their fingers). In fact, the majority of IT teams completely outsource security (which means they aren’t necessarily up on what critically needs to be addressed on your network).

But what the majority of offices that are at risk of (or have even fallen victim to) cyber threats, data breaches and cyberattacks miss is that they haven’t effectively used technology in the right ways to keep data secure, the organization security compliant and avoid becoming the next victim.

What’s the solution to the latest cybersecurity threats?

While most cybersecurity experts would first suggest understanding where your business or organization falls when it comes to your cybersecurity risks, your overall solution to cybersecurity should take a two-pronged approach.

Know your security gaps

This two-pronged approach to security requires first an understanding of where your security gaps lie.

To identify your security gaps, you will probably need to go through your network with a fine-toothed comb (this is exactly how cybercriminals are currently assessing your network and determining if you’re a good target for them to exploit). Most businesses that we assess have dozens of security vulnerabilities—many of which have already been exploited by criminals to hack, steal and exploit your business information systems.

Once you have that list of issues that need to be addressed, you will have to prioritize that list to make sure you’re addressing either the easy fixes or the most serious or consequential issues first (Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you will want to come up with a reasonable timeline for resolving issues as quickly as possible—especially if exploits are currently being targeted by cybercriminals).

Address your security issues

Second, you need to figure out what specific tools will be needed to address your security needs, and build out that technology to confront your vulnerabilities (note: often many of your security vulnerabilities are small changes that have big impact—ask for a free network security assessment to get an executable security roadmap to complete cybersecurity).

Once you have your prioritized list, decide what technology needs or even habit changes will help resolve the issues. More often than not, the issues you’re facing will NOT require big bucks investment in new technologies. Rather, a lot of issues will likely require reconfigurations, updates and patching to systems that you already have.

By investing your money into people that are actually trained to find and remediate cybersecurity issues might be a better use of your money than spending it aimlessly on technology. You likely have most of the technology that works (don’t have to invest in a lot of fancy shiny new toys). You simply need to have the right staff that understands how to effectively use your technology that works.

That’s why today’s cyber security threats cannot be solved through technology alone—it’s either too complicated to maintain without the right people managing it and making sure it is working or it simply is not fighting the right fire.

Are you sure you have the right people using the right tools to address your serious cybersecurity risks? Have you even looked under the hood to see if everything is working the way you expect it?

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