Specialized healthcare IT support for a brighter tomorrow

We know that running a medical or dental practice is stressful enough without having to worry about your technology infrastructure. From single offices to nationwide group practices, Zog has helped hundreds of providers streamline their operations and take their productivity to new heights. We handle everything, including network setup and administration, office moves/upgrades, application support, 24/7/365 IT support, and much more.

We have experience with all of the latest practice management, digital imaging, and patient care platforms, and can help your team manage vendor relationships, research or change providers, and optimize your productivity. And because Zog has over 20 years of experience with healthcare IT and its unique challenges, we can guarantee that all of your systems and processes are fully HIPAA compliant and adhere to industry best practices.

Zog proudly serves Philadelphia, Orlando, and surrounding areas.

With IT services and solutions from Zog, you’ll enjoy:

Increased productivity across your whole practice

Cutting-edge IT solutions that greatly improve quality of care and patient experience

Reduced IT costs and improved profitability

Less stress and greater peace of mind knowing your IT is handled 24/7/365; you have enough to worry about!

Foolproof business continuity solutions that ensure your patients are never without care because of malfunctioning IT

Getting from point A to point B is easy:



Our IT experts will meet with you to discuss your business goals and establish your expectations



We will thoroughly analyze your system to see how we can optimize your existing assets and deploy new, better ones to improve your processes



Our expert technicians will set a deployment plan with you to ensure that your business doesn’t experience any downtime as we deploy