IT solutions to protect your donors and stretch your NPO’s resources

You and your team spend your time devoted to the cause that you believe in so strongly. A security breach can be a death sentence for all of the hard work that you’ve put into growing your cause. Why? It’s all about the data. Your donor, client and financial information, confidential emails, and even the passwords saved in your browser are all extremely valuable on the internet black market, called the Dark Web. Cybercriminals know NPOs like yours often have limited resources when it comes to IT and cybersecurity, so you are one of their favorite targets. 

Zog offers an affordable and effective way to protect your NPO and your donors. Our Managed IT Services will help you get more out of your limited IT resources without heavy investment, and our Cybersecurity Services utilize multiple layers of countermeasures and Dark Web scanning to protect your organization from any online threat. To top it all off, you only pay a flat, predictable monthly fee that’s perfect for tight budgets. 

With IT services and solutions from Zog, you’ll enjoy:

IT management and consulting services that show you how to extract maximum value from your existing IT, even if it is old or donated

Robust and reliable data backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure your precious data is never lost

Advanced cybersecurity solutions and employee training to defend your NPO from all kinds of online threats, existing and emergent

Affordable, predictable, flat-rate pricing that is easy to budget around