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Will your help desk adapt to your changing technology demands?

If your business demanded technology changes— new software, new computers, different network configurations and environments— are you confident your helpdesk could keep up?

Is Your IT Helpdesk Agile?

Do you ever see the need for new technology? Have you ever wanted to start using software to help productivity, but time and time again have been told “we can’t support it” by your helpdesk? Nowadays, having a helpdesk that is able to adapt to your needs is more than just ‘nice to have’—it’s critical!

What the heck is Agile?

Agile originally was coined by software engineers trying to efficiently design software specifically that customers wanted. The agile approach used Lean techniques to produce something the customer was completely satisfied with—both in price and quality.

Why does a helpdesk need to be Agile?

When you call in to your helpdesk, are you completely satisfied with your experience? Do you get your problem resolved or are you left waiting days (or even weeks!) before someone eventually gets back to you with a solution? Are you kept in the loop when you submit a ticket? Your experience (or lack thereof) is the main reason why you Need an agile helpdesk that is focused on serving your needs.

How do you get an agile help desk?

  • Hire dedicated IT professionals—hiring the crème-de-la-crème of IT support is critical. You need people with comprehensive understanding of issues and processes your business encounters—many of which are going to be unique to you.
  • Get continuous feedback—Having a process-driven team that works to improve its service and efficiency towards resolving and eliminating problems for your employees is invaluable to your business.
  • Make sure they have the expertise to adapt—An agile helpdesk demands its team to have monitored progress all in effort to quickly resolve problems and close tickets while delivering an exceptional user experience. People who live for the challenge—know their tech, but also motivated to resolve your problems.
  • Expect unparalleled communication—When you submit a ticket, I’m positive you’d expect to get contacted and updated as your ticket is being worked, whether staying on the line while quick problems are resolved or getting notified when your issue was being handled. You want to be kept in the loop. Agile helpdesks focus on eliminating communication gaps.

What are the results of using an agile helpdesk?

The results you’re looking for—save time and money and facilitate your employee operations. No matter how revolutionary or innovative your technology solutions, its impact comes with how well your users are supported day-to-day. The critical piece you’re likely missing is a dedicated, resourceful agile helpdesk to make sure your technology is meeting your business’ strategy.

Unsure that your helpdesk is agile? Contact us today for a helpdesk assessment!

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