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Thinking of Building a Help Desk? Think Again!

Thinking of Building a Help Desk? Think Again!

Most Experts Agree: An Outsourced IT Help Desk Is THE Critical Component of a Successful Business.

Many aspects of IT that can be outsourced: Software Development, Application Maintenance, Communication Networks, Network Security.

But what do companies benefit the most from outsourcing?

Outsourcing your Help Desk improves businesses. Why? It Improves end user efficiency. Sharpens IT focus on business innovation. Scales your business. Makes your company more competitive in a sea of other competitors offering similar products and services.

In this post I’ll show you how studies have shown time and time again that the kingpin of outsourcing is your help desk. Experts from top business schools and industry leaders all point to one simple conclusion: outsourced IT help desks can seriously jump start your business.

Here are just 5 major reasons experts reveal about the importance of outsourcing your IT help desk:

Scale Your Business— An outsourced IT service desk has been shown to more easily grow your business than keeping help desk in house. Dedicated experts that specialize in help desk and are constantly improving the way a help desk is run make it easy to add tens or hundreds of users without additional ticket backlogs or slowdowns (Zindeldin and Bredenlow, 2003).

Operational Cost Reduction— Outsourced helpdesks can dramatically reduce the time of ticket flows. But even more dramatic, outsourcing just helpdesk reduces the operational costs of your IT department by at least 20% (Lacity and Hirscheim, 1993).

More Skilled Workforce— Outsourced IT departments are continually recruiting the best tech minds in the industry—folks who are passionate about computers, technology and learning. Outsourced IT companies provide new (and old) hires with a dearth of technical knowledge to make their businesses competitive (Kakabadse and Kakabadse, 2002).

Increased Flexibility— IT Departments need to be focused on the principal goals and objectives of the business. With assistance from an outsourced help desk, internal IT are given greater time to dedicate and oversee implementation of technology that meets corporate vision (Nieminen and Takala, 2006).

Better Customer Service— Hands Down the greatest asset of an outsourced help desk can be to a business is creating a genuinely improved customer service experience to the end user. Improved customer service comprises quicker ticket response time, technician demeanor and sincerity to users, quicker resolution times and greater interest in improving the service experience (Bucki, 2008).

The reality for your business is a more efficient, well-utilized internal IT team and happier end users that need problems solved fast. If you, like many businesses, realize that your current IT team is overloaded and unfocused from an overwhelming number of tickets that pile up—many of which distract from your business’ core focus— you need to contact us today for a free ticket flow audit.

You can’t waste another day with an IT department over-extended AND underutilizing their internal knowledge base!

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