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11 Benefits of Using a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) in 2022

11 Benefits of Using a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) in 2022

In 2022, MSSPs or Managed Security Service Providers have become integral to the cybersecurity infrastructure of enterprises. Using an MSSP allows an organization to strengthen its security network and get access to cost-effective managed cyber security services.

With cyberattacks becoming more prevalent, research suggests organizations are bound to lose more than $5 trillion in the coming five years. Also as a result, by the end of 2025, companies can lose up to $10 trillion due to cyber attacks.

A study affirms that around 70% of companies intend to outsource their IT security to a dedicated MSSP in the next two years. And why wouldn’t they? MSSPs allow businesses to minimize workloads, offer security expertise, reduce costs, and much more.

Keeping that in mind, let’s dive into eleven essential benefits of using an MSSP.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

1) Build and Maintain a Robust Cybersecurity Infrastructure

For most organizations, the idea to hire and use an MSSP is the best way to create and maintain a solid cybersecurity infrastructure. Whether you run a small business or large corporation, opting for a managed security services or managed cyber security services provider is the most cost-effective and comprehensive security solution.

2) Access to Advanced Tools

You can use an MSSP to get access to advanced tools and solutions to strengthen your cybersecurity. Through an MSSP, you can augment, expand, and improve the skills of your company’s IT team and move forward in the right direction. The most reliable MSSPs provide businesses access to cutting-edge and newest security solutions like network surveillance, behavior analytics system, firewalls, etc.

3) Multi-layered Cybersecurity Framework

One of the perks of using an MSSP is that it allows organizations to cover all the cybersecurity elements and build a multi-faceted, comprehensive, and highly secure system network. This, in turn, allows businesses to have a swift and strategic response to handle various cybersecurity issues and ensure active management, patching, and monitoring.

4) All-In-One Security Solution

After hiring a Managed Security Services Provider, your in-house IT team becomes more strategic toward security projects. Your MSSP also monitors your entire network and manages your security environment at the same time.

5) Guaranteed Data Compliance

One of the benefits of partnering with an MSSP is to ensure safe and swift data compliance that involves classified data, critical business data, or personally identifiable information. Security compliance comes down to adapting proper security measures to reach high-security standards. With the help of an MSSP, companies can restructure their entire cybersecurity framework in terms of compliance.

6) Cost-effective Security Approach

One of the advantages of using an MSSP is that it allows organizations to minimize training costs, lower investment costs, and cut back on recruitment costs. Most organizations seek out an MSSP to reduce their operational and investment costs. With MSSP, you just need to cover a nominal monthly or annual fee rather than pay thousands of dollars in salaries and expensive equipment.

7) Heightened Protection

Since MSSPs utilize the best security technologies, it allows organizations to boost their overall security. In fact, many organizations are often surprised to find out the extent of security threats MSSPs can handle. As MSSPs evolve, you can avail more security offers like configuration management, active monitoring, vulnerability scans, firewall management, and endpoint protection.

8) AI and Machine Learning

Competitive MSSPs now also use machine learning to help organizations boost their security efforts. After hiring an MSSP, your IT Team wouldn’t have to stress about constant system monitoring. You can use MSSP as a way to transform internal security through advanced security tools and specialized skills.

9) Instant Incident Response

Oftentimes, organizations put in place many preventative measures and still encounter cyber attacks. And that’s usually because of delayed response. With an MSSP, you can build a faster and strong incident response to mitigate threats and improve internal defenses. The faster the incident response you have – the more organizational damage you can minimize over time.

10) Vulnerability Management

Organizations have started to realize and recognize that having vulnerability scans on regular basis can make all the difference. And one of the benefits of partnering up with an MSSP is that it offers internal and external scans of the IT network.

You can use MSSP to get web application scans, vulnerabilities scans, and database scans. Most MSSPs use advanced automated scanners to scan the entire system network. This, in turn, allows organizations to detect threats early on and leverage more personalized solutions from MSSPs.

11) More Focus on Key Business Activities

With an MSSP, companies save a lot of time for the internal IT team that allows them to focus more on hardware and software maintenance. Once you regularly save time, you can depend on your IT team to prioritize core business tasks and activities.

After hiring an MSSP, you will be able to provide more wiggle room to your IT team so that it can develop new processes. In a tech-driven world, using MSSPs is all about handing over organizational security matters to security specialists. MSSPs assume the responsibility to manage all risks and monitor threats before they can impact sensitive company data.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to understand that cybercriminals now use advanced ransomware attacks to extract business data, which wreaks havoc on organizations. And contrary to misguided perception, big corporations also have cybersecurity loopholes and inconsistencies in their systems. It is no secret that cyberattacks cost companies millions of dollars and often hamper the reputation of the businesses.

The good news is that companies can count on their MSSP to manage a plethora of cyber threats. By using MSSP, you can ensure your internal IT team is more strategic towards cybersecurity. In a practical sense, you can expect your MSSP to monitor your system network and manage the cybersecurity environment.

You can opt for a wide range of MSSPs and each one has its own approach. So, take your time and make sure to choose the Managed Security Service Provider that caters to your organization’s needs. Ideally, you should opt for an MSSP that you can build trust with and share sensitive company data.

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