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Best Cybersecurity Blogs to Read in 2022

Best Cybersecurity Blogs to Read in 2022

Data privacy and online security are growing concerns for industries and businesses worldwide. But understanding what they entail is a whole different matter.

The good news is that there is no shortage of analyses, comments, discussions, and expert guidance about the latest threats and how to best deal with possible attacks. And we’ve got the best of these experts lined up for you right here. 

The Best & Most Credible Cybersecurity Blogs in 2022

We hope this list will spark your interest in cybersecurity, help you choose the right platforms to protect your business, understand the myths surrounding hackers and ransomware and inspire you to explore other resources to protect your online data. 

Let’s get started!

Shostack + Friends Blog

Before adopting a new URL this year, Adam Shostack used to publish under the pen names New School Security and Emergent Chaos for over a decade. Adam is a self-described author, businessperson, technologist, and game designer, with a keen interest in cybersecurity. 

Adam published his book, Threat Modelling: Designing for Security, which primarily focused on providing information about the newer threats in the cyber industry. A prominent industry contributor and author, Shostack is credited with coming up with the ‘New Approach’ for integrating security concepts into DevOps. 

You’ll find everything from in-depth technical analyses on the creation of security software to his opinions on space travel, sci-fi classics, and video games on his blog. He also evaluates other blogs that he likes, which is a fantastic feature that makes it easy to explore other sources and find more engaging reading.

Digital Shadows Blog

The Digital Shadows blog gives information on threat actor groups, active malware, and recommended cybersecurity practices. It is curated by experts and analysts who focus on well-known topics like data dumps, the dark web, threat intelligence, etc. 

You can read instructional manuals, research reports, whitepapers, and scholarly pieces on the blog. However, it also contains other beneficial minerals. You can, for example, participate in free online webinars or download the ShadowTalk podcast.

The Digital Shadows blog also features archives and post filtering by year. So, it is simple to read entries about prior iterations to see how they have changed or search articles about present risks.

Graham Cluley

Even individuals who are not necessarily technical experts have difficulty grasping certain cybersecurity-related information. Moreover, they do not always want the blogs and research they read to be overstuffed with complex policy discussions or technical jargon. Similarly, not all people interested in keeping up with the latest news and developments are technical experts. It is people like these that Graham Cluley came up with a cybersecurity blog that even a non-specialist can understand. 

 This blog by UK-based anti-virus expert Graham Cluley is the perfect solution if you struggle to keep up with all the cyber security information channels. In a friendly, straightforward, and amusing way, Cluley provides informational insights into current trends, news stories, and a wide range of personal security interests to help people overcome the aftermath of cybercrimes. The website also offers videos and podcasts for people who want to have visual or audio help on the side.

InfoSecurity Magazine Blog

InfoSecurity Magazine Blog has been offering readers cutting-edge cybersecurity information for quite some time. This blog has provided some great insights and news on cybersecurity and current trends through print and online versions for the past ten years. 

In addition to the fantastic informational blogs, InfoSecurity Magazine frequently offers free webinars, virtual conferences, seminars, and other platforms for increasing the awareness amongst the general public of how to prevent themselves and their businesses against cybercrimes and threats. 


You might be able to find some priceless and valuable information and cybersecurity news on the Cipher website’s blog section. They also have a lot of guidance for business trends and protecting businesses against recent cyber threats.

The blog analyzes these threats and vulnerabilities and gives complete general security guidance to business owners and cybersecurity students. Cipher also covers the discovery of active schemes and bringing some other creative ways of cyberattacks to light. 

Don’t forget to visit the blog’s dedicated events section to find information on upcoming cybersecurity conferences and other industry events. You can participate in a free webinar by signing up for an account. The latest articles, instructional materials, and how-to guides are available on the homepage. You can also watch movies or listen to podcasts about cybersecurity-related topics.

Hacker Combat

The Hacker Combat community is a dependable resource for information on the most recent advancements in the cybersecurity industry. To protect your business from a variety of growing Information Technology and cybersecurity risks, pay attention to what our security experts have to say and take their advice. 

On Hacker Combat, you can get discussion boards, expert analysis, and coverage of everything from the security of the information technology sector to hacking-related news, etc. The security community is a great place to promote new businesses, plan events, and offer assistance to both security experts and non-geeks.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, we can never underestimate the importance of awareness of cyber threats and cyberattacks. Some online resources and blogs are an excellent help for attacks against online businesses and your personal space. 

The best thing about credible cybersecurity blogs is that they provide extensive security briefs, list the newest and most dangerous cyber threats, and offer training webinars. 

It is necessary for business owners and people in general to know everything there is about protecting themselves against any cybercrime that might jeopardize their businesses. Following a good cybersecurity blog might do the job for most people. Some of the best cybersecurity blogs you can follow in 2022 are Hacker Combat, Graham Cluley, Cipher, Digital Shadows Blog, Adam Shostack & Friends, etc. 

We hope these blogs will help you keep updated with the cyber industry’s new threats and protect your businesses against them.

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