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Making the right time for your IT department to worry about big concerns without focusing on the ever distracting small stuff can be really challenging!

Making the right time for your IT department to worry about big concerns without focusing on the ever distracting small stuff can be really challenging!

The old saying “make time for what really matters” shouldn’t be just a saying!

It’s true: IT guys like 1’s and 0’s. We like to solve a problem completely– start to finish- before calling it a day. So when it comes to being swamped with small help desk questions— minor problems and calls in the middle of the night—we are on it.

But did you ever realize that your team could lose focus if inundated with small or off-hours problems? Did you know that if your employees directed their focus on the things that are most important to your business, that they could free up 20% of their workday?

A recent study on workforce management found that if left to focus on the important aspects of their job rather than worry about the small things that—while important in the short term—contribute little toward your organization’s mission.

Your IT should be In line with your business objectives- and keeping the focus on the small stuff- the problem with a log in or with a user having printing problems should not be their primary focus.

There’s a lot of work that goes into getting the most out of your IT department—infrastructure, software, security, backup and disaster recovery, maintenance, the list goes on. How can a department do a good job on everything when your users call in with problems of their own—anxious to get their problems fixed ASAP.

What’s a good solution?

You can’t create more hours in the day for your IT team to really get everything right!

The numbers are startling—do you realize that 41% of work activities, most of which do not add to your team member’s job satisfaction, could be handled by other competent people who are excited to do that work? Generally the work your IT guys don’t want to be bogged down in is helpdesk—fixing logins, printer configurations, and all the other problems and troubleshooting that users may need to get their issues fixed quickly.

These user issues that many IT departments are bogged down with— 41% of their day-to-day activities better served making sure your business’ data is safe, secure, your technology to industry standards and in alignment with your corporate vision—are resulting in your users under-supported and your business less productive and competitive in a marketplace that is only shrinking.

In fact, when workers either eliminate or delegate tasks that are unimportant to their professional goals or distract from your primary business IT needs, they are free to focus or even add value-added tasks. What do I mean by value added tasks? There are many core functions that an internal IT department need to ensure a well running business:

  • Computer Patching
  • Server Maintenance
  • Network Security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your IT team should be focused on making your company competitive in an increasingly data-centric, digitally-focused society where customers and prospective customers expect you to innovate and break through the status-quo—through constant innovation.

Your IT team needs to be on top of the innovation curve to make sure your technology can hold up to your company vision:

  • Data Reporting
  • Metrics Reporting
  • Automation
  • Customer Engagement and Interaction

You need to seriously consider an outsourced helpdesk to free up all of the distractions from your IT department. A helpdesk whose ONLY objective is to make sure your users are well served. A helpdesk that keeps your business on top of its game. A helpdesk that takes the after-hours worries and headaches from your internal IT team.

Call me TODAY for a free helpdesk assessment. Because your IT department can’t spend another day distracted with the small things and your users impatiently waiting on computer problems that keep them from doing their best.


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